996579_10200364079498741_937389467_n Well my full name is Christopher Joseph Jennings, but you can just call me Chris, I don’t mind. My passions go towards creative outlets and I like to draw, paint, take photographs and play guitar (although still learning to play). Art and Music are at the pinnacle of who I am, how I express myself and I couldn’t live without them.

I’m an aspiring comic book illustrator, currently studying Fine Art & Illustration at Coventry University. Having 5 years of Fine Art and Media experience in college beforehand has helped me settle into the student life and the coursework included.

At the apex of my budding career, I’d like to run my own studio for comic books and general illustrations. But I don’t want to limit the opportunities available, so I also aspire to create art & illustrations for gallery exhibitions and creative-based competitions. I started this blog to connect with fellow artists/illustrators, as well as connect to a wider audience and work hard to get myself known in the world of illustration. ‘Home Away From Home’ is my home on the internet, for personal and professional practice.

‘Impulsive Creative’ is my self-defined style of working, as ideas suddenly flood my head while I’m working on a piece, constantly changing the direction and outcomes as a result. I would hope that I meet some amazing and talented people in the blogosphere and the internet on a whole, as well as expose my work to an audience interested in what I do.

Please enjoy my site 🙂

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