‘The Brink’ – Iminent Album Release by The Jezabels


Promo material 2014

Since I heard the news, I have been eagerly anticipating this album for quite a few months. The Jezabels are swiftly becoming my favourite band, not just because of a balanced blend of indie rock and soft melodies, but also as this band are hardworking and genuinely lovely people.

Since the release of their first EP, entitled The Man Is Dead, the band have come a long way: releasing a further 2 EP’s, going on tour with the likes of Depeche Mode and Hey! Rosetta, releasing their debut album “Prisoner” and touring the world further. We’re now on the cusp of The Jezabel’s next album release, due on the 17th February in the EU and 18th February in the US and Canada. The Brink will include similar romantic and melodramatic themes with Prisoner, but also looks at the melancholic reality of adolescence.

We have two music video productions from The Brink:

The End – A song about feeling the end of that one thing that gives you reason to keep going.

The Look of Love – A conceptual video about the gaze, or the look of love.

This post is somewhat brief and I am simply posting to share my excitement, as well as The Jezabel’s music with readers. If I have peaked your interest in the band, here’s some other media sources to check out for more articles.




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