Flavour of the Week #10 – “I’ll Be Ready” by Sunblock


Given the holiday spirit and that everyone is feeling happier and will undoubtedly want to have a good time, it seems quite fitting to have a more upbeat song for FotW. Here, I’ll Be Ready is a funky and uplifting dance track that I’m sure most people will feel is quite familiar, especially in the UK and US.

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot to write about in terms of discography and history. The electronic band was formed in Sweden which included Magnus Nordin and Martin Pihl with dancers Oksana Andersson, Pernilla Lundberg and Rebecca Simonsson. These five made up the core of the band and aside from doings covers/remixes of Baywatch’s “I’m Always Here,” Robin Beck’s “First Time” and Corona’s “Baby Baby,” they released an album in 2006 titled I’ll Be Ready.

Similar to near enough every dance song, I’ll Be Ready has a steady beat and lyrics that you can follow along with very easily. The point being that your having a good time and you’re chanting the lyrics in the song, filling whatever room you’re in with a good vibe. It’s classic, featuring very beautiful women that are lean, tanned and have perfect complexions as they show off their curves and more particularly, their butts. To some, this can be quite sexist as it demeans women, but in fact it’s another display showing viewers that women are hot and gorgeous… Still, it’s portraying a “perfect” image of how women should look and for a brief moment in the video, it shows half-naked muscle-clad men working out. Simply put, it’s a good-feeling song with good-looking people having a good time. Everything about the song remix and the music video is to show things that are good, but that is left to viewer’s opinions. If you forget about the video, the song can apply to pretty much anyone and is more than suitable for any party situation, but of course it’s even better to be played in spring/summer.

All I can say now, is that each and every one of you: have a good time and be happy.

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