Flavour of the Week #9 – “Dance With Me” by Omega Lithium

Omega Lithium - bandpromo



VampireFreaks is an alternative website that a venture onto quite often in recent days. It was this very site that helped me discover this industrial band whom I’ve grown quite fond of since I first heard Dance With Me played through my simple (and cheap) earphones. The spooky atmosphere pays compliments to the distorted guitars and simple electronic beats laying in the background. The cherry on the sundae would undoubtedly be the high-pitched vibrato echoing eerily above the mix and if you don’t feel goosebumps from being creeped out, then you will find yourself strangely allured.

The band is comprised of Mya Mortensen (Vocals), Zoltan Harpax (Bass), Malice Rime (Guitar & Synth) and Torsten Nihill (Drums) who formed Omega Lithium together in 2007. Originating in Croatia as an industrial metal band, their debut album “Dreams In Formaline” was released in 2008 (with their signed record label Drakkar Entertainment/Sony BMG) with Stigmata spearheading the record as their iconic song.  The band generated a major buzz in Germany, earning awards such as “Newcomer of the Year 2009” by Zillo, which is one of Germany’s premier alternate music magazines. Since then, Omega Lithium has toured with bands such as Subway to Sally, went on their own tour titled after their debut album as well as releasing another album, ‘Kinetik,’ in 2011. Dance With Me is a song about being lured in to an alternate reality, where the person who sees you as the object of their desire attempts to make you embrace them, to simply dance and fall for them. From my perspective, it’s about seduction and being taken away to new places.

Mya’s distinct accent works well with her vocals and the Croatian style of industrial metal is a new flavour of excitement. I witnessed their birth in 2007 and didn’t distinguish them as anything special, but now in 2013 I rediscovered Omega Lithium and I’ve seen a phenomenal change/growth in their identity and their music: it’s enhanced to greater proportions and the time they’ve taken to perform and develop their music has improved the overall quality. The band has kept roots within industrial metal on a whole, but stemmed away from the general idea of it to explore new sounds, taking on simpler electronic beats to set a blanket for the backing tracks. The experimentation of distorting the vocals has been truly expressed in Kinetik, but the distortion of the guitars is quite average and that can be taken as a good and/or bad thing: being that it’s quite traditional in approach and style as another layer for the baseline beats, or seen as just a step behind the “avant-garde” of some flashier techniques. Still, there’s quality in the music in all aspects (depending on the listener’s taste) and the attraction one may feel towards Omega Lithium could come down to this cybernetic fantasy element that underlies their songs… Be it within the stories or music video, or simply the music itself. One cannot argue that there’s a flair to the band more commonly associated with gothic metal and that has influenced the fashion when it comes to music videos and live performances. The extravagant hairstyles and dresses, corsets and skintight uniforms that Mya dons in performances is such an example of gothic influences. It would seem that the singer is seen as the centerpiece for the band, as Zoltan, Malice and Torsten wear less prominent outfits and I see this as them playing to the fact that they play supportive roles in Omega Lithium performances. This sees Miss. Mortensen playing the main character/s in music videos, which also sees her as a narrator alongside being a singer.

Album releases:

– Andromeda (EP), 2007

– Dreams In Formaline, 2009

– Kinetik, 2011

Some pictures to whet the appetite here:

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