Flavour of the Week #8 – “Creeping” by 2:54



For lack of some better words, this was a very “push-n-pull” song, meaning it drags you in and sends you away. This was another discovery via Spotify (to which I couldn’t live without) and the first thing that hit me, was the somewhat melancholic vibe of the song. Not that is was making me miserable, but the mood of the song was melancholic, yet it had a charm unique to that style of rock that they play. I was attracted to the song because from my perspective, it was a fresh style of rock, having not heard anything like it before. Personally, this is another contender for my personal favourite band/musician of the year, alongside The Jezabels and The Birthday Massacre.

Hannah and Colette Thurlow began experimenting with atmospheric and gloomy music when they formed 2:54 in 2010-11 and released an EP entitled “Scarlet” after receiving a lot of buzz from media moguls such a Guardian UK. They then released their self-titled debut album in 2012 and conducted a tour sometime later in that year. As a new band on the music scene, the hype surrounding them is well-deserved.

Given that the band is new, there’s fresh beginnings for them and all the prospects that are in sight can be easily achieved. Already generating a following of fans, 2:54 has the edginess and grunge of a band normally associated with stoner rock, yet moulding lo-pop melodies to suit the mood of their songs. Guitars are the prominent force for direction in most of the tracks with a laid-up atmospheric beats/chords filling the void. There is a distinct feeling of garage-style music incorporated into the mix and while this quality adds to the depth, it’s not particularly original having been done quite a bit before.  Therefore it takes an open mind to look for flourishes of creativity and uniqueness, to which there is a flair in 2:54’s music. The seemingly uniform compositions (as a whole) actually fit less like a uniform and more just like a solid unity of instruments. The consistency in quality and purpose behind their whole debut album is very admirable, developing a range of gloomy and moody tracks to showcase their particular flavours. One of the main concepts (left to interpretation), is the independence born from taking losses in all aspects of life, so being drawn out of childhood fantasies and forced into adulthood at youth.


– Scarlet (EP), 2011

– 2:54, 2012

We also have an acoustic version of the song:

And one of their premier songs, Sugar:

Image Sources:






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