Wack! illustration drawings

I had been looking over some old illustrations I did purely from the top of my head. I had labelled them “Wack!” because they looked quite weird and I used a quirky style to draw them. It’s also Wack in reference to the urban/graffiti abstract in the background, as I admire the graffiti style as an art form. I’ve added more to the set and it’s a relaxing way for me to draw, plus they look charming.

© Chris Joseph Jennings

Essentially, it’s an Impulsive Creative concept about bringing the small doodles in my head, the ones that wouldn’t make a piece on their own, out onto paper, giving them an identity. It’s purely an expressive form of illustration for me, but I suppose it can be used in a logo style or printing as a brand of sorts. I’ve been doing a little experimenting, working on  colours and other characters. I might add text and more characters to this kind of work sometime.

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