Flavour of the Week #5 – “Far From Home” by Five Finger Death Punch

It was during my routine guitar practice and one of the songs my friends request was this one. It’s definitely one of those moody and melodic metal songs that, quite frankly, I enjoy. I guess it’s down to personal tastes, but MINE are allured to the emotion: not only in Ivan Moody’s soft vocals, but in the whole band’s composition that delivers a hard-hitting and emotional impact on the listener. Far From Home begins with a soft and melodic introduction, carrying itself into the deeper (and heavier) sections of the song with beautiful chords, resulting in a powerful unison from all of the instruments.

5FDP is made up of the members Ivan Moody (vocals), Zoltan Bathory (Guitar), Jason Hook (Guitar), Chris Kael (Bass) and Jeremy Spencer (Drums). Originally the bassist was Matt Snell in their initial formation in 2005, but after two album releases, Way of the Fist in 2007 and War is the Answer in 2009, he parted ways with the band. Kael took over for him and shortly after, the band released their third studio album, American Capitalist, in 2011. After touring, 5FDP returned to the studio to write a plethora of new songs that was split between two new albums: The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell, volumes 1 and 2. Both albums were released in the summer/autumn of this year (2013) in suit. The band have adopted an ‘evolutionary’ approach to their music that see themselves moulded into a melodic heavy metal band that fans know and love them for today. Given their perspective on the way they create their music, there would seem to be little reason for the band’s ever-continuing success to come crashing down. Despite their somewhat lack of experience compared to older bands, 5FDP have risen to all the challenges and it’s shaped them, adapting under very pressured circumstances.

It’s a nice and smooth transition through the song, that can be split up into three sections: the tender introduction setting up the song, developing into a heavier and darker setting for the main parts, ending up with an emotional finale leaving a lingering after effect. For me, when songs are written in this similar format, it’s down to the personal touch of the vocalist to portray the story and intentions behind the song and that is how I judge a song like this. It’s always a bonus when the supporting instruments play a rhythm that compliments the lyrics, as to really “hit it home” in terms of the message. I cannot fault Far From Home, as I thoroughly enjoy the song from start to finish.


Way of the Fist, 2007
War is the Answer, 2009
American Capitalist, 2011
The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell [Volume 1 & 2], 2013

Five Finger Death Punch write inspiring songs that have lessons to teach everyone. Here’s some other songs to try:

(Featuring the amazing Rob Halford from Judas Priest)

You know what else? Some images to end this post with:

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