Flavour of the Week #4 – “Gun” by CHVRCHES

This band’s a slow and steady process for growing on me, but occasionally I will listen to a catchy song to save on my playlists. There’s a hidden gem of talent in this trio and my flavour of the week is a personally professed ‘signature song’ for Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty.

Now I personally don’t know any trio that features a singer (of course) and two keyboardists, ESPECIALLY of this genre, which would constitute ‘electro pop’ but I enjoy this music all the same. Something about Lauren’s voice being so soft with bouncy electronics provided by Cook and Doherty that doesn’t quite sound like the normal pop music we’re all accustomed to. I guess that is down to the retro-like mixing in the backing track because it’s certainly reminiscent of old-school music (to me at least). As one of the BBC’s ‘Sound of 2013,’ CHVRCHES have their own charm to garner the fifth spot on the list and that’s set the band up for a successful future, considering their hard work that’s been put into the songs.

Given all the kaleidoscope edits in the video, as well as the fading, blurs and (somewhat) epileptic-inducing effects, it furthers the notion of their retro charm. The band formed in 2012 when Lauren was asked to record a couple of demo songs for the Cook and Doherty, having previously played with the band Sky Blue Archives. The songs went off like a hit and thus christened the new band as CHVRCHES, which is to differentiate themselves in internet searches. They began this year by playing a few North American dates, then recording their debut album “The Bones of What You Believe” and releasing it in September.


Recover (EP) – 2013
Gun (EP) – 2013
The Bones of What You Believe – September, 2013

If you enjoy this song, here are some really good recommendations:

This is me, signing off.

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