Flavour of the Week #3 – Classic Medley


Not a particular band or artist, but a few really good songs that I found extremely catchy and reminiscent of how good music was when I was born… Or even BEFORE I was born (depending on the song).

First song: “Boys of Summer” by Don Henley (This is a live version)

The main thing that attracted me to this song, was how well singers CAN sing back in those days. The backing track was catchy and played well with Don’s style of singing but the BEST thing about this song, is that it still relates to anyone in the modern day reminiscing about the summer, more specifically summertime romance. This song is so popular, that it’s garnered cover versions by the likes of KT Tunstall and Taylor Swift.

For those interested, Henley began his solo career when The Eagles broke in 1982 (but reformed for a tour in 1994) and he’s released 4 solo albums. His most notable album was The End of Innocence (1989) and sold over 3 million copies. He is a respectable and very successful artist in his own right.

Our next song: “What Is Love” by Haddaway

Who DOESN’T remember this classic song from the 90’s? I for one listen to it even today and it doesn’t get old. Like Boys of Summer, this song is a great classic because of it’s popularity and how modern day people can still relate.

His self-titled album (released 1993) featured the hit What Is Love, but his two subsequent LPs (The Drive, 1996 and Let’s Do It Now, 1998) had waning success compared to his debut.

Final song guys (thanks for the patience): “Hurt” by Johnny Cash

This legend of a musician, with songs like Ring of Fire and Highwayman, Cash has celebrated decades of success and even after his death in 2003 (which followed his critically acclaimed cover of Hurt a few months later), there are so many re-releases of his best hits and he remains a popular musician to this day.

It’s only because of me maturing as a person, that I am becoming more open-minded and discovering classic music that I can enjoy alongside all my other tastes. Suppose this post wouldn’t be complete without some images, right?


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