Flavour of the Week #2 – The Jezabels

Now this band deserves all the attention and support that they get. As quite a fresh and modern band, their reinvigorating take on indie rock music is something quite special to the ear.

This Australian-based band is composed of Hayley Mary (singer), Samuel Lockwood (guitarist), Heather Shannon (pianist) and Nik Kaloper (drummer). Hayley and Samuel already had a pre-existing friendship when they both grew up in Byron Bay. The group came together to create The Jezebel in 2007 when they all met up at the University of Sydney.

When I first heard of The Jezabels, I was listening to a spotify radio based off the trio known as Haim (a band I also love). This was some time last spring and that’s when I heard ‘The Long Highway’ and I was instantly allured. I thought to myself that this song was beautiful: an amazing singer, great backing music and it was something I never heard quite so before.

Hayley’s voice is absolutely stunning because it veers away from the general mould of pop and rock musicians. There’s highs, lows, trembles and some vibrato and I cannot fault her vocals in my own opinion. Having received astoundingly positive feedback from fans worldwide, The Jezabels are on a steady climb in the music industry, sticking to their anthem-like melodies with old-school indie-rock roots. The band’s friendship with one-another reflects in the harmonies within their songs and there is quite some rich context for each track if you look deeper. All in all, being fresh off their first tour, the band are recuperating before they see where their increasing popularity will take them in their careers. Personally I would be more than happy to hear news of an album release in the future.

Speaking of news, if you want to know more about The Jezabels, here’s their website:


And check out their youtube channel to show their videos some love:


Up to present day, The Jezabels have released 3 EPs, 1 Full Album and 1 Live Album following their “Prisoner” worldwide tour (which is the name of their debut album):

– (EP) The Man Is Dead, 2009
– (EP) She’s So Hard, 2009
– (EP) Dark Storm, 2010
– Prisoner, 2011
– Live At The Hordern Pavillion, 2012

The key selling points about The Jezabels, is the excellent blend of different styles of music that will appeal to a wider audience than those limited to a specific genre. Amphibious in that sense, give them a listen. Now if I have kept you reading up until this point and you are intrigued, allow me to share a little more media with you 🙂

Some images aswell… They’re beautiful!


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