‘Bad Action’ Commission – “Inner Voices” album cover

This commission is a Black & White illustrative artwork based on an idea of our “Inner Voices” coming from the innermost part of ourselves. It took me roughly two months on-and-off to finish and this is down to my laziness. Until a week ago, I suddenly became inspired to create art and this piece was finished in no time.

The band Bad Action gave me complete creative freedom (as was explained to me), but this was as much a negative as a bonus, since I didn’t know where to take it. In the end, it was this current design that I was led to by my way of “Impulsive Creative” thinking.

I chose Black & White for the design, as well as the aggressive paint work, because I wanted to express an idea of raw emotion related to our hearts and what really hides within us. The style also plays compliment to Bad Action as they are an alternative rock group, so there is some rocky elements as well as moody ones. As far as materials go, it was a mixture of acrylic paint, pencil, fineliner and biro ink often layered on top of eachother to get the best depths of shading. I couldn’t get the smooth finish on the pencil work without the use of a blender (which has been my saviour time and time again), so overall I am entirely pleased with how it came out. The text space looked a bit bland, so I drew something related to the nervous system to “decorate” the background.

The artwork I find is amazing, as there’s varying degrees of shading, detail and style in the piece as a result of combining different mediums. I am really happy with the outcome of the whole image. The only problem was finding suitable places to photograph it, since it was done on an A1 size of card. The reason behind this, is so the quality will greatly improve when it’s shrunk down to a usable size. Overall, I am satisfied that I met the client’s wishes with this album art and how they take it from here is up to them, I was just glad for the opportunity to express my talents and I thank them.

If you interested in the kind of music that Bad Action plays, then feel free to follow these links and show your support:




All artwork in this post is copyrighted by me and related music copyrighted by Bad Action. Your feedback is always appreciated, so feel free to drop a comment (or two) and spread the word. Myself and Bad Action are thankful 🙂

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