Flavour of the Week #1 – The Birthday Massacre

I discovered this band for myself quite recently through a Team Fortress 2 animation on YouTube, by a fellow named COBMetalHead. Featured in the animation was the song ‘Sleepwalking’ and although the video lasted a minute or so, I was hooked.

The vocals are beautiful and alluring, as I would expect from a synth rock band. I looked up the full version of the song and gave it a good listen… and another… and another. You can see where this is going, right? Here’s the “flavour” I want to share:

For me, the heavy guitars mixed with the synth & keyboards created a really awesome sound that sounded epic when it came to the chorus. The softness of the vocals and keyboards, combined with the hard-hitting electric guitar and heavy bass made the icing on the cake. Though it is quite traditional with most bands of this style, it is the voice however that very much defines this band for me. Now I have to admit that this band will not appeal to those more into Pop music. But the fact that there’s a beautiful softness to this band, makes them perfect for those breaking into the metal scene.

They formed in 2000 under their original name ‘Imagica’ for a 7-song demo session. Since then, there have been a few changes to the lineup, as well as the band changing their name to The Birthday Massacre. From 2001 to 2013, the band have released:

– (LP) Nothing and Nowhere, Summer 2002
– (EP) Violet, 2004
– Walking With Strangers, 2007
– Pins and Needles, 2010
– (EP) Imaginary Monsters, 2011
– Hide and Seek, 2012

Currently Chibi (Vocals), Rainbow (Guitars, Vocals, Programming), M.Falcore (Guitars), Rhim (Drums), Owen (Keyboards) and Nate Manor (Bass). Signed with Metropolis Records, the band are growing in popularity… Well, they certainly have a new fan here! These are my flavour of the week and if you want more music, here’s a couple of other videos by The Birthday Massacre:

Hope you enjoy!


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